Drivers who pass stopped school buses hard to convict, Cumberland Co. officials say


By Nate Rodgers,


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Cumberland County school buses captured eight vehicles passing a stopped bus on camera last year.

But transportation officials said current laws make it hard to convict violators of the offense.

“I had two buses last week that were hit, the stop arm was hit,” said Al Miller of Cumberland County Schools Transportation.

Miller said current laws require a law enforcement officer to see a vehicle pass a stopped school bus.

Video evidence can help but the driver’s face must be visible in the footage.

Miller said weather can interfere with how current camera systems work.

Two school buses in Cumberland County have three cameras each.

This first camera is intended to capture the license plate as the car rides past the stopped bus.

A second camera is aimed at the windshield and a final camera shoots through the passenger side window.

Currently, lawmakers are discussing a bill that would fine the owner of the car, after it’s caught on camera passing a stopped bus.

The drivers face would not have to be shown.

As for the eight violators already caught on video? It is up for the court to decide.

“We thought the cases were good but once the judge and attorneys get to them, I don’t know,” Miller said.

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