Several cars blow past school bus stop sign including police vehicle


By Staff


A police vehicle appears to be just one of the many cars that blew past a school bus stop sign, despite the arm being extended and the lights flashing.

Bus 1122 had the lights ran by several cars in Kanawha City within two minutes, according to Brette Farley, Executive Director of Transportation for Kanawha County Schools.

Cameras on the school bus also captured what appears to be a police vehicle bypassing the stop arm. Bus surveillance also caught students almost being hit by traffic as they were passing in front of the bus.

This isn’t the first incident of cars blowing past a school bus with the stop arm extended or pedestrians nearly being hit.

During the week of August 23, a driver failed to slow down for the amber lights in the Chelyan area and actually hit the stop arm as it was extending. That same week there was an incident caught on bus surveillance video in front of Point Harmony Elementary in Cross Lanes, WV. The bus wasn’t picking up students so the stop arm wasn’t out. But surveillance cameras caught someone passing in the turn lane nearly striking several people.

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On August 17, a school bus camera captured the moment a driver blew past, just as a father and his children were crossing the street.

VIDEO: Driver blows past school bus stop sign as father helps child across the street

In all of the situations, the school bus had been outfitted with a stop sign extender. The device is an attempt to make the stop signs on school buses more noticeable to drivers and prevent cars from blowing past.

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After reading comments on WOWK13 News Facebook page, 13News reporter Chelsea Spears worked to find answers. Check out her report here.

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